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Child-focused policies

It has been a challenging two years, and every child was negatively impacted. Every child deserves the best possible chance to succeed in school. I will advocate for initiatives that ALWAYS ensure equitable access to opportunity and services.

I will support additional resources for special education, young readers intervention programs and wellness supports across the system, food & nutrition programs, and transition supports to parents with children in grades one, four and nine. Strong governance will be a priority to achieve all this and more.

Mental health & wellness

A) Support policies that ensure we provide teachers, guidance counsellors and educational assistants the means and the training to support and understand how to best help students with mental health concerns.

B) Push for opportunities and resources that build infrastructures and support for those most impacted by the pandemic, so no child is left behind.

Safe classrooms and schools

A) Establish and expand measures that support students involved in school incidents, those impacted and those negatively impacting the school community. Expand staff resources to ensure restorative justice practices.

B) We have a responsibility to identify areas where the current progressive disciplinary policies are not working to protect students and staff. Push for collaborations with staff, school administrators and community partners to discuss where the gaps in staff safety exist to do better.

C) Continue the audit and upgrade of classroom spaces to ensure updated HVAC or equivalent systems are in place. 

D) Continue measures to support and encourage the optional usage of masks and other protective measures.

E) Push to incorporate a policy lens that includes those with an autoimmune deficiency in the school community.

Accessible to parents, students and the community

A) Whether it is a concern, request for help, advocacy, or a resource referral. My commitment is to follow up promptly, with clarity and transparency.

B) My commitment will be to organize ward town halls in collaboration with the respective City Councillor or in unison with the respective parent council, home and school association or neighbourhood association. Be available to discuss any concern about a policy or service to see through change and do better.

More Collaboration with city hall and rural communities


The policies of City Hall impact the students, the families of the Thames Valley School Board and the surrounding communities. More communication between the City of London Corporation and the TVDSB will be one of my priorities.

Opportunities exist in the following areas:

A) Joint action plans for future neighbourhood developments that take into consideration attendance areas that meet the future needs of new and growing neighbourhoods.

B) Renewed communication efforts between the rural communities and the TVDSB.

C) Dialogue with community partners on infrastructure and initiatives that allow for safe active travel to school by walking, biking and even skateboarding.

Ontario Active School Travel has put together great processes to determine safe travelling plans to school. Let’s take the next step, partner with City Hall and other local stakeholders to take tangible actions.

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